Buy the Textbooks

Our course will require seven books that we will use throughout the semester. While I understand that this may seem like a lot of books for an undergraduate course, I assure you that the reading will not cause any undue burdens. First, the books are fairly inexpensive. These books cost between $10 and $20 each if you buy through an online seller such as Amazon. Almost all of these books are available as electronic books, which is something you might consider if you prefer to receive the book instantly and to carry the book in a convenient package. Second, the reading load may be heavier than you’re accustomed, but all of these books are “quick reads.” Yes, there will be some weeks where you will have to read two-hundred pages, or more, but you will find that it won’t feel that way.

The required books are as follows:

Please buy these books as soon as possible. I know that buying books can pose a financial burden for some, but I assure you that each book is reasonably inexpensive. The books are not currently available at the Bookstore so you should order them from an online retailer. The above links will take you to Amazon, where you can find used copies from a variety of vendors at a variety of prices.

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