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Program or be Programmed Response

Taylor Barber Media Studies 255 Response Program or be Programmed Donald Rushkoff I found this book very interesting and had a lot of good points. His main idea is that we need to understand the computer when using it. If … Continue reading

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The Master Switch and Darkside of New New Media

Myranda McAllister Prof. Munroy The Dark side of New New Media               On November 14, 2011group two discussed the book The Dark Side of New New Media. Yu Jiao Zhang presented her portion of the book discussion alongside Prof. … Continue reading

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The Filter Bubble Response

I never actually thought of the information  I was looking at on the search results page every time I “googled” something. Each time I would search for something, I would always assume that everybody else’s page looked the same as … Continue reading

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Class 14: Open Source and the Commons

In today’s class, we discussed some of the open source projects, specifically Linux, Firefox, and Wikipedia. These examples illustrate the concept of collaborate working behind the open source movement and contribute to something Lievrouw calls “commons knowledge.” This level of … Continue reading

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Respond of Filter Bubble

Yujiao zhang Medst 255 The filter bubble is written by internet activist Eli Pariser. In his book, it described a phenomenon in which websites use algorithms to selectively guess what information a user would like to see based on information … Continue reading

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Final Exam Available Now, Due Monday December 19, 6:00 PM

The final exam is now available. If you did not receive, or have lost, the handout with the instructions, you can download a PDF. Complete the exam on Blackboard. Navigate to the Assignments section of our course, then to Final … Continue reading

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Amateur versus Professional?

Nicole Turney Response to Group 5 We left off our discussion in class last week thinking about the distinction between ammeter versus professional and whether greater participation in amateur work makes the quality of work go up or down? This … Continue reading

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Class 13: Is This Surplus Just a Bunch of Noise?

Today, we celebrated the possibility of making communal and civic minded media when we covered the possibility of the cognitive surplus in our digital world. However, I still can’t get over the Lolcats. I understand Shirky’s point that once someone … Continue reading

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Is it Me, or is it Hot in Here?

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Cognitive Surplus Extra Credit Summary

Basically in my group presentation, I spoke mostly on the definition of (a) cognitive surplus, as well as the devices and ways to channel our surplus. Firstly, cognitive surplus is how we can use our free time digitally. It is … Continue reading

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