Michael on “The Filter Bubble”

Companies want to have the ability to market products directly to consumers. If I owned a company, I would want to know what each consumer liked or disliked so that I could customize a product that the majority of them would want to purchase. Would I want to know every aspect of each consumers life? Not necessarily but if I could sell that data for a hefty profit; would I? Well, I would not but many companies would since the price of the data is very valuable to other companies who would want it.
The ” Filter Bubble” presentation showed how companies have filters set up via social media, shopping and other websites that follow an individuals travels tailoring ads that may catch the eye of the viewer. The information that the individual gives in order to join a site is very personal. Should one reveal their age, sex, address, birth date or other personal information in order to indulge? Millions of people do and I, for one, curtail my personal information on some sites. It was stated in the discussion that once ones personal information is “out there” it cannot be removed; it’s there permanently.
I tend to carefully limit which sites I give personal information to. My information is most likely in the hands of companies that do not have my permission. It seems as though my information could get into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a major concern for many. Will the future in filtering guarantee secure transactions? It has not succeeded yet. The “filter bubble” could be a benefit to all. I personally like the fact that Amazon.com knows the types of products that I need. Security is a major concern for me and companies should receive permission from individuals to sell their personal information.

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