Filter Bubble-The City of Ghettos

The filter bubble- the city of ghettos can be compared to the internet. Some people get online routinely to check their emails, get on facebook to update their statuses, change their privacy settings not knowing our personal information is never private beacuse of an algorythim code created by media marketers who taylor ads from our interest. these companies know what we want, know who we are, and think they know who we are. the city of ghettos is the analogy of people who are stagnant who routinely doing the same thing and dont break the cycle of knowledge or improvement in their lives. some people become “programmed” like Douglas Rushkoff mentions in his book “program or be programmed”. we become part of the filter bubble a small section of this big world the “internet”. we are sectioned off by our interest and never given any alternatives of information to expand our mind or interest. so we become like the mouse who comes out 30 times a day and fall into the mouse trap that is set up with the bait which is the ads directed to our interests also mentioned by Andy Woolworth in the” filter bubble” book. this form of consumerism is what the online companies like amazon, google and facebook do, put up ads taylored to you and we say “do i want this new item, cause the one i have now is old”. so we feed into buying it and “boom” we fall in the trap. that is how we get suck into the filterbubble, isolated from more important issues out in the world. we have to be aware what is being done with our personal information and creat a movement of or law to protect our personal information from these companies. we also cant forget that the government also is monitoring wat we do and know who we are and where we are too. thats the scary part of getting online even if we buy new computers with a different IP addresses. we have to broaden our searches and expand our minds and do something before we lose total control of our identity.

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