Alex Mora on the Filter Bubble

You’d have to be pretty damn oblivious to not acknowledge the fact that our right to privacy has been thrown out the window. From the moment we began streaming websites for helpful information, a record of search history and browsing habits has been keeping track of our every left and right click. Now, immediately [and naturally] people begin to panic when you remind them of this… and rightfully so. Invasive behavior has always been shunned ever since society was able to disband itself from a hierarchical class structure. However, instead of widespread anxiety from this proverbial techno-voyeurism, we’ve somewhat become assimilated to the lurking shadow that is the filter bubble.

I, for one, blame the depleting attention spans and overwhelmingly excessive trust in our government that our countries younger generations exude (present company included). You can also make the argument that such carelessness about being watched and used as marketable data is just recourse of 20th century capitalism working its magic. Whatever the case may be, it’s in the best interest for everyone to remain calm. Just as our legal system works to protect the rights of the masses, we should also abide by this system that records our search inquiries to better assist our online lifestyle. In the end, isn’t this just a tool for narrowing down our interests? Until our online security becomes more aggressively intrusive on a personal level, I say let the viral marketers tend to our needs, even if it is a slight nuisance at times.

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