Readings for the Next Two Weeks: on Open Source and on the “Net Delusion”

Over the next two weeks, I expect you to do a significant amount of reading. Don’t let me down.

On Monday, December 10, we will be discussing Open Source and the Commons. You will have three short readings to do before class.

  1. Levinson, Paul. Chapter 4, “Wikipedia.” New New Media. 1st ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2009.
  2. Lievrouw, Leah. “Challenging the Experts: Commons Knowledge,” Alternative and Activist New Media. 1st ed. Cambridge, UK: Polity, 2011.
  3. Raymond, Eric. “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”, 2002.
    This reading is part of a relatively long text. Please continue to each subsequent section. For example, following “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” is “The Mail Must Get Through,” followed by “The Importance of Having Users,” etc. Please read as far as you can.

You will need a username and password to access the first two readings. (It’s posted in the announcements section of Blackboard.)

For December 17, you must post on the course blog a 200-word response to the Morozov book, The Net Delusion. If you don’t mind reading an electronic copy, you might be able to read a copy of it using ebrary. I have access to ebrary through another campus so I’m unsure if you also have access at Queens College. Please test it and let me know, by posting a comment to this entry, how it works for you.

No matter how you get the book, it would probably help you do read a few chapters at a time. Here’s a schedule I set for myself.

  • Read by Thursday, December 6, pages 1–84
    1. Introduction; the Google Doctrine
    2. Texting Like it’s 1989
    3. Orwell’s Favorite Lolcat
  • Read by Sunday, December 9, pages 85–178
    1. Censors and Sensibilities
    2. Hugo Chavez Would Like to Welcome You to the Spinternet
    3. Why the KGB wants you to join Facebook
  • Read by Thursday, December 13, pages 179–274
    1. Why Kierkegaard Hates Slacktivism
    2. Open Networks, Narrow Minds: Cultural Contradictions of Internet Freedom
    3. Internet Freedoms and Their Consequences
  • Read by Sunday, December 16, pages 275–320
    1. Making History (More than a Browser Menu)
    2. Wicked Fix

Check back here on Monday, December 10, for me to post the question I want you to consider for the assignment due on December 17, on Morozov and The Net Delusion. Later in the week, I will post a videotaped lecture and some other supplementary material as a makeup for our cancelled class on October 29, due to Superstorm Sandy.

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