Why Strong Passwords Matter?

Remember how I was talking about passwords and the importance of having different passwords for every website you use? The length and the randomness of the characters in your password matters a great deal, too.

Stephanie Miot, writing for PC Magazine:

Despite websites that urge users to create a password with more than six characters, as well as a combination of lower- and uppercase letters, digits, and special characters, few people follow the rules. PasswordGenie reported that only 30 percent bang out seven or more characters, while 16 percent focus only on digits, 40 percent use only lowercase letters, and less than 4 percent type a special character or two.

But how much do those guidelines really matter? A lot, according to PasswordGenie, which calculated a rough number of hours (or days, or years, or even millennia) that a computer would likely need to crack different passwords of varying strengths.

Unsurprisingly, the all-lowercase, six-character code would last about 10 minutes. Even a seven-character password stitched together with numbers and symbols would take only four years to decipher.

How long are your passwords? How random?

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