Morozov vs. Shirkey

The Internet now-a-days has gained many different uses. The question asked is does the Internet as the world’s largest network have any use? My answer is yes. I believe that the Internet is used for the betterment of people in some cases. For example, we have websites such as and which help us and give us the necessary information that we need. So, not only does the Internet provide us with information, but it also provides a way for us to rapidly communicate with one another and a way to share┬áprecious moments with one another. In Evengy Morozov’s book “The Net Delusion”, he seems to believe that the Internet has many downsides. Especially when it comes to democracy. He believes that the liberating nature of the Internet blinds us from really ‘seeing the light’ to all of the Internets downfalls. That is what he means by cyberutopanism right? The belief that online communication is emancipating. Notice how he says that it’s a belief. He does not think it’s necessarily true. On the other hand, Clay Shirkey believes that the use of Internet promotes the better good. He believes that the new digital and Internet based media have affected the relations between people in a good way and that it benefits the common good of all people. He believes that the abundant amount of information shared between all users will help for a great democratic society. Unlike Morozov who believes that the information being shared is killing democracy. I am going to have to agree with Shirkey on this one. I think that although the Internet may be the source for a lot of horrible things like child pornography or cyber bullying, we have to look at the helpful aspect of it and focus on that. It seems to me that Morozov wants to glorify the Internets negativity. The Internet still has a use and I really don’t think that it’s use will disappear anytime soon.

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