Net Delusion Morozov

The internet is good for many things, such as communicating with others and its a great source for information. The internet is used almost for everything like school, work, fun, and business it is in our every day lives. Being able to use the internet has many advantages but unfortunately there are also disadvantages like privacy. in this day of age everything is on the internet and many people and organizations have access to every data and information one puts up. If in the hands of wrong people that information can cause very unpleasant situations. One example that i have come across myself is when i received a Facebook message from a friend and i was able to see exactly where and the address of the message that was sent.

After reading Evgeny Morozov’s book The Net Delusion, i haven’t really lost my optimism for the internet but it allowed me to look at the at a different perspective. There are downsides to the internet yes of course but we cannot avoid using the internet it has become so much apart of us. However it can be modified perhaps. the internet is a wonderful technology only if used the right way.

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