Response to The Net Delusion

The internet has many uses. People all over the world use the internet to share data, ideas and more. Many people find out news on the internet even before it is available on tv and other media. Research can be done, companies and people sell products on the net and also invest money into things. Considering what Morozov discusses in his book, “The Net Delusion”, I have to say that i have not lost optimism for the internet. I believe the internet has brought us a long way and makes our lives easier even though Morozov believes we should stop thinking of the internet as “liberating” and can be a disaster for the future of democracy.

Morozov discusses something called “cyber-optimism” which basically is a belief that communication is liberating and that the internet favors the oppressed instead of the oppressors. He feels this belief is naive and stubborn for not realizing the internet’s downside. Shirky spoke about LoLcats and agreed that new media applications like that are important but believes that at least the same effort should be put in to have more humanitarian applications which would help people if there would be any life threatening incidences. I do agree with Shirky on this matter. I support Shirky’s beliefs and am completely against Morozov’s beliefs. The internet has brought us so far and will continue to develop and we can further educate ourselves in the years to come.

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