Penman on Morozov

The internet has proven to be a rather useful tool for both sharing and generating information. At this point in time (2012), this unique platform of technology has been integrated into many aspects our lives. There is an abundance of devices that enable consumers to utilize the internet in an assortment of ways. With the internet becoming such an integral part of our lives, it can become something to caution as well. In Evgeny Morozov’s book, The Net Delusion, we are enlightened to potential dark shades of the internet that we may not normally consider. In further examining this book we can obtain a better understanding of the internet and its possible negative effects.
Morozov is not as interested with the benefits of the internet for the consumer. Rather he looks at the producers and controllers of the internet. His argument seemingly coincides with the theory of “program or be programmed.” In that he analyzes how consumers enjoy the virtual playground that is the internet, while producers manufacture the interface that these consumers take advantage of.
The relationship between consumer and producer is rather exceptional. Those who generate the online environment have ultimate control of what the average consumer sees and can do, while the consumer can merely do nothing but interact with the supplied environment the way it is presented. This provides the producer with an enormous amount of control. This control, Morozov proposes, is why a concept such as “cyber optimism” is faulty.
In an environment that has the availability to be manipulated to serve as a hegemonic device for controlling powers, how can one be so naive. I firmly agree with Morozov’s caution of the internet, we must be more aware in how we indulge as consumers. It is just intelligence that we as consumers need to be educated in how the internet functions and is used by those who construct it. This will enable us to continue to consume with caution and therefore maintain the environment that we have grown to enjoy so much

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