Net delusion

I believe that the Internet is useful for alot of people.  we have the abilities to reach many people globally unlike before. we have social network sites like facebook twitter and that provide educational information like lexis nexus and So, not only does the The internet it also provides is fast and can send messages for communicate with loved ones and others to seek jobs or events. “The Net Delusion”, gives an dark insight to believe that the Internet can be a tool of destruction especially when one people want to take a stand on political views or concerns. it elludes that the flexibility of Internet clouds us from our realities of its purpose in usage is a downfall. it seems thats what he means by cyberutopanism. people look at the internet as a religion and always turn to it to prove its power of liberation. Now Shirkey makes it clear that the use of Internet has advantages for the people and is beneficial. Shirky feels the internet and social network sites helped built connections and relationships for the right reasons of mandkind. especially like the creation of gasbuddy during a horrible storm. it helped many people communicate with each other in search of  resources like gas. Morozov may look at the internet one way as dark and negative but shirky looks at it for the good. its like a double edge sword depending which side one uses it for.

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