Late, But Great: Morozov Response

Despite the author’s pessimistic take on an internet-dependent society, I took the time to digest both sides of the spectrum. While combing through his various political examples, I noticed that Morozov did his fair share of juxtapositions between the current/future state of the internet and the foundation and development of America (it’s safe to say that he’s not really a fan… no?) However despite his intolerable babbling at times, he did happen to stir up a slight bit of truth.

When Morozov compared the inability and complexity that arises from regulating the internet, he related it to the difficulties that occurred between state and federal legislation. The reality of the matter is that when a controlling entity lets a collection of people work towards formulating a separate, yet equally strong ideological structure (in this case from a geopolitical standpoint) fully imposing restrictions on that subculture is nearly impossible.

And there is where I grasped the lighter side of the argument: “there will always be resistance against imperialism”. For the sake of the internet, corporate interest and federal imposition continues to work towards debunking freedoms within the system. However, because they’ve let the internet grow at such a rapid and powerful rate (which I for one don’t think they saw coming) it has become too vast of an entity to control. However, there is the strong possibility that by slowly chipping away at certain “internet freedoms”, regulation could and, according to Morozov, will be the inevitable future for our liberalized virtual environment. I for one believe that we as a society are too strong and too smart to let this happen. There will always be loopholes and other means to create web-like duplicates for us to take advantage of. The powers that be may indeed succeed in this regulatory objective, but because they’ve let the world get a taste of internet freedom, there will always be resistance.


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