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Response to The Net Delusion

The internet is the world’s largest network. Everyone in the world uses it for any purpose; to buy and sell things through the Internet with, communicate with others with E-mail, and to use various search engines for personal gain … Continue reading

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Advertars: The New Way of Invading Your Privacy!

In Chapter 7 of Eli Pariser’s The Filter Bubble, Pariser discusses virtual advertisements that act like real people you can communicate with on the streets or on Facebook.  Pariser’s first encounter with an “advertar,” or a “virtual being for a … Continue reading

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Response to Free Culture discussion

Last week’s discussion consisted of Lawrence Lessig’s book, Free Culture. What interested me the most was the discussion of piracy because everyone is guilty of downloading music or movies without paying for it. I mean, look at Napster back in … Continue reading

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