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The New Digital Divide

This is an interesting article from today’s NY Times that’s apropos to our studies.

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Here’s the extension for Firefox I mentioned in class. It blocks the like of Google, FB, and Twitter from tracking you on the web. Enjoy. Be free.

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POBP: A Response By Don Kelly

As expressed by its title, Program Or Be Programmed is fundamentally about the choices we make when engaging with our present technologies.  We are quick to adopt the shiniest software, hardware, or social networks, but slow to understand how the … Continue reading

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BBS And The Genesis Of Our Online Lives

By Don Kelly In January 1978, Ward Christensen and Randy Suess wanted to connect to the world differently.  They were both computer hobbyists and enthusiasts assembling their hardware through computer clubs, technology conventions, and Radio Shack.  Historically, they reflected the … Continue reading

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