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From Disruption to Consolidation

In this week’s class, we looked at four new technologies that once posed threats to the existing technologies of the telephone, film, television, and computing. The disruptions came from a variety of different sources. Two of the disruptions came from … Continue reading

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The Master Switch and Darkside of New New Media

Myranda McAllister Prof. Munroy The Dark side of New New Media               On November 14, 2011group two discussed the book The Dark Side of New New Media. Yu Jiao Zhang presented her portion of the book discussion alongside Prof. … Continue reading

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Towards Commercialization: “The Revolution Will Not Be Privatized”.

Professor Monroy, in his previous post, gave a great summary of Tim Wu’s argument in the Master Switch. Wu skillfully lays out the history of several key technologies through a series of stories that don’t necessarily have happy endings—each “technological … Continue reading

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Class 10: The Master Switch: From Magic to Monopoly

Today we dealt with what was a much longer book than I had anticipated. (I guess that misjudging the heft of a book is but one drawback of the ebook.) Tim Wu’s The Master Switch is a story of five … Continue reading

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