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Alex Mora on the Filter Bubble

You’d have to be pretty damn oblivious to not acknowledge the fact that our right to privacy has been thrown out the window. From the moment we began streaming websites for helpful information, a record of search history and browsing … Continue reading

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Filter Bubble-The City of Ghettos

The filter bubble- the city of ghettos can be compared to the internet. Some people get online routinely to check their emails, get on facebook to update their statuses, change their privacy settings not knowing our personal information is never … Continue reading

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Michael on “The Filter Bubble”

Companies want to have the ability to market products directly to consumers. If I owned a company, I would want to know what each consumer liked or disliked so that I could customize a product that the majority of them … Continue reading

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Inhumane Filtering

In his presentation last night, Thomas discussed the psychology of programmers as outlined in the “Hello World” chapter in Eli Pariser’s The Filter Bubble. Thomas’s basic argument was that programmers are so focused on creating great technology that they have … Continue reading

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The Filter Bubble Response

I never actually thought of the information  I was looking at on the search results page every time I “googled” something. Each time I would search for something, I would always assume that everybody else’s page looked the same as … Continue reading

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Respond of Filter Bubble

Yujiao zhang Medst 255 The filter bubble is written by internet activist Eli Pariser. In his book, it described a phenomenon in which websites use algorithms to selectively guess what information a user would like to see based on information … Continue reading

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Class 12: Get Unfiltered and Pop the Bubble

If I may make a connection between Pariser and Rushkoff, I’d say that the one of the main themes that our two readings share is that we have to be aware of how our digital experience is constructed and how … Continue reading

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Here’s the extension for Firefox I mentioned in class. It blocks the like of Google, FB, and Twitter from tracking you on the web. Enjoy. Be free.

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