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Google’s Lost Social Network

Rob Fishman, writing for BuzzFeed on Google’s Lost Social Network, describes the situation when Google killed the sharing features of Google Reader, its RSS aggregator. Convinced that it needed to compete with Facebook in the social networking realm, Google envisioned these features would exist in Google Plus, the maligned social networking platform it launched in […] Continue reading

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The Costs of Being Programmed

One of the arguments in Douglas Rushkoff’s Program or Be Programmed was the ontological argument that computers are inherently binaristic, capable of only understanding on or off while humans are more complex and nuanced, to say the least. Another argument that I found compelling was really the rallying call Rushkoff makes here: that we must […] Continue reading

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Welcome to New Technologies

Media Studies 255, New Technologies, is a new class that I’m teaching at CUNY Queens College. The class is intended to cover the regulatory and social environment on media in light of the changes brought on by digital communication and … Continue reading

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Buy the Textbooks

Our course will require seven books that we will use throughout the semester. While I understand that this may seem like a lot of books for an undergraduate course, I assure you that the reading will not cause any undue … Continue reading

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